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Banner NPCLib – Basic non-player character library.
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This is an API made specifically for spigot servers (Minecraft). Current supported versions: 1.8 - 1.13.2*. Lightweight replacement for Citizens. NPCLib only uses packets instead of registering the entity in the actual Minecraft server.

*You can find a version of NPCLib with basic support for 1.7.10 on the legacy branch. This branch is not (as) actively maintained as the master branch. This version does not support multi-line text (yet).

Preview (click to play video)

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Alternatively, you can help the project by starring the repository or telling others about NPCLib. 😄


  • Spawn and destroy NPC (version 1.8 - latest).
  • Autohide NPC when out of range.
  • Add support for 1.7.10 (1.7 R4).
  • Documentation material.
  • 🚧 Option to rotate head to player (when nearby).
  • 🚧 Add support for animated text (update-able holograms).
  • Give NPC armor and items in hand.
  • Multi-line text support for 1.7.10 (1.7 R4).

Roadmad Legend

Feature is fully implemented and functional.
🚧 Feature is still in development (or experimental).
Development of feature has yet to be started.



It is recommended to shade npclib-api-v*.jar into your plugin. Alternatively, you can put npclib-plugin-v*.jar under your plugins folder. By doing this, you no longer need to shade the API JAR. Though, do not forget to add NPCLib as a dependency in your plugin.yml!

Click here to download the latest release.

Click here for an elaborate explanation on how to use NPCLib in your next project.

Building your own version

  1. Download or clone this repository.
  2. Build the plugin using sh Alternatively, you can build the API JAR manually using mvn clean install.

You can build the plugin using mvn clean install -pPlugin.

License and plugins using NPCLib

NPCLib is licensed under the MIT license. Developers are free to use NPCLib for both private and commercial use. However, it would be nice to acknowledge me.

You (the developer) can also contact me if you wish to be added to the list below.

Plugin(s) using NPCLib:


We thank all those who have contributed to the creation of what NPCLib is today.

Please view the credits here.

Copyright (c) Jitse Boonstra 2018 All rights reserved.