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NPCLib – Basic non-player character library.<br>
This is an API made specifically for spigot servers (Minecraft). Current supported versions: **1.8 R2 - latest**. Lightweight replacement for Citizens. NPCLib only uses packets instead of registering the entity in the actual Minecraft server.
NPCLib has basic support for 1.7.10, as it not currently support multi-line text for this version (yet).
## Credits
### [TinyProtocol]( by Kristian Stangeland
I used this module of ProtocolLib to intercept packets sent by players whilst interacting with NPCs. After retrieving the data from these packets, I can call a new [NPCInteractEvent](
### [MineSkin]( by Haylee Schäfer
I integrated MineSkin into NPCLib as an easy way for developers to give NPCs a custom skin without buying multiple Minecraft accounts or saving the skin data themselves.
### [bStats]( by Bastian Oppermann
I use bStats to see how much server are using NPCLib, keeps me motivated and gives me insight in which version are used most. You can see the statistics of NPCLib [here](